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Welcome to the second month of Where I Come From. For those of you who are new to the blog, I started this link up with the hope that bloggers will come together and share the towns, cities and states where they come from. It's a way to take your fellow bloggers on a virtual vacation. Be sure to come back on Saturday, February 8th and link up with me.

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Today I'm going to take you out of the city and into the woods. Oregon is filled with amazing places to visit. Seriously, you can head out of town and find amazing hikes with rivers, streams and beautiful waterfalls to visit. 

This past weekend Grace, Chris, Mark, Amelia and I headed out into the hills in hopes of finding a waterfall I've been dying to see for years. If you didn't know this by now... I'm OBSESSED with waterfalls. I will go miles and miles out of my way just to see a waterfall. I've seen tons of photos of Abiqua Falls and since it was just south of the town I grew up in I decided it was time to go. (Note to those who might visit the falls after reading this... wait until the weather dries up). So I loaded up my backpack with all of my camera gear and a tripod, layered Amelia in leggings, jeans, two long sleeved shirts, two sweatshirts, tennis shoes, a hat and gloves. It took a while for us to get up there; the road is long and incredibly rough (you probably need 4WD). Once we got to the trailhead we realized that this might not have been the greatest idea. The trail is steep and this time of year it is incredibly SLICK. Thankfully there are ropes that line the steepest parts so that you are able to get down... and back up. Without that I'm sure we would have had to crawl up some parts. 
Grace and Chris using the rope to climb out after seeing the waterfall
We finally made it down to the bottom of the trail and went around the corner to find one of the most breathtaking waterfalls I've ever seen.

Some information on Abiqua Falls that I got from Northwest Waterfall Survey

92 feet
Tallest Drop
92 feet
Num. Drops
AVG. Width
20 feet
90 degrees
5 feet
Primary Form
Molalla River
Abiqua Creek
AVG. Volume
150.0 cfs
Best Flows
Year Round

It was a much easier hike out than in. I think the slippery ground made us all a little worried that we would slip and fall, sliding down the entire trail. The colors this time of year are incredibly vibrant and beautiful! If you are in the area or are planning a trip to Oregon, I definitely recommend this waterfall. It is on private land, but they have graciously opened it up to visitors. Grace and I are already looking forward to going back in the summer and taking advantage of the cold water. 

Just a reminder to come back on Saturday February, 8th and link up. Share anything and everything you want to about where you come from. 
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. That waterfall... AMAZING! Looks straight out of a damn movie!

    1. I was like a giddy little kid when I saw it. Seriously breathtaking! There are a couple more on my MUST SEE list here in Oregon before I need to venture out across the world :)