Fresh Cut & Color

A couple years ago the stars aligned and I found the perfect hairdresser. Seriously, I've had my share of horrible haircuts. I'm not one to stick with the same color and style, I'm constantly changing it up and it took a long time before I found someone who could do it all. I've known my stylist Emily since we were young. A couple years back I asked my Facebook friends for recommendations on stylists since I hadn't been happy with one for a while. I mean, when you ask for a trim and you hear the clippers start and feel your hair being shaved off, you know you're in trouble. Emily responded that she would be happy to cut my hair... and so began my love affair with my hair. My sisters, mom and I all go to her now. She's amazing!

This weekend I went in to get some fresh color and a cut. It hadn't happened since June. This is what Emily began with. It was so gross! I'm pretty sure there were six inches of dead and dry hair on my head. 

And here are the after shots...

I am in love! I normally don't keep the same style or color very long. Heck, I usually change it a little every time I go in. I'm pretty sure though this is going to be sticking around for a while. 

For those of you local, Emily will be opening up her own salon at her property on the outskirts of Canby, Oregon. She is amazing! I highly recommend her to everyone. Her salon is called The Divine Salon and she should be open this spring (as in the next month or so). 

Have a salon horror story? Please share...

Do you have a stylist you've been seeing for a while now? If so, how long?
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Oh my gosh Ashley... I LOVE IT! Like, seriously! It looks amazing and so fresh!!!!! :D

  2. LOVE the color and cut!! It's a great look on you :) Glad you've got a fresh look to brighten your day. I'm happily recovering from my latest hair debacle so I can completely appreciate your amazing hair stylist.

    1. Thanks a ton. It's funny how much better one can feel after a great haircut and some fresh color.

  3. That's really cute! I'm all about the auburn to cover my natural mud color.
    Mine isn't so much a horror story. I wanted to get a good 5 inches cut off - so my hair was shoulder length. I went to a "fancy" salon instead of my usual Fantastic Sams. I showed the guy where I wanted it cut to against my shoulders. He cut an inch off & looked proud of himself. OK, keep going! He cut maybe another inch off. I could tell it was painful for him. Honestly, the only reason he got a tip is he did give a great scalp massage during the shampoo.
    Then I went to Fantastic Sams a few weeks later & got the rest taken off - and I love it!