A recap of a pretty great week!

It was a great week! The highlight was Amelia turning 5 years old. I am still shocked that she is 5. I remember that 38 hour labor as if it were yesterday (and yes... I pushed for 4&1/2 of it). I'm so excited for her birthday party this weekend. It should be a great time. Here is a recap of the past week.
1. I've been working on Amelia's birthday party decor this week. A couple of months ago I was contacted by Tiny Prints and they asked to be a part of her birthday celebration. I'm excited about this opportunity and can't wait to share the blog post once it is ready next week.

 2. This week My mom, Grace (the bride), Erica, Amelia and I went to try on bridesmaid dresses (Erica and I were the ones trying on). I was totally dreading it, although I'm NOT dreading the wedding or being in it. Anyway, it ended up being a super fun time. We ended the night at RAM enjoying some delicious drinks and yummy food. (The Thai Chicken Salad is the best!).

 3. Amelia chose to go to Slappy Cakes this week on her birthday. My mom, sisters and I went with her and had a blast.

4. Mark wrapped Amelia's Valentine's Day gift... we didn't have appropriate VDay wrapping so he chose a 'gift bag' with the holiday color scheme. She didn't know the difference :) 

5. My lovely girl got a new coat this week! I love it! 

What are your weekend plans?
I plan on cleaning house all day Saturday and then celebrating Amelia with family on Sunday. 
Are you celebrating Valentine's Day? 
Amelia went to stay with my Mom and Erica so Mark and I will probably order take out and watch a sappy romance movie (haha, he doesn't know this is the plan yet). He did get me Starbuck's after work, reloaded my SBucks card for me, bought chocolates and I'm getting my hair cut and colored... he knows me well!!! 
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Hahahah... I love that he used a VS bag... classic!!!! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, Amelia is precious and so is her new coat! Can't wait to see more about the Tiny Prints collaboration!

    1. Thank you so much. I'm going to be opening an online children's clothing boutique and I'm afraid that all of the size 5s won't make it to the shop :) I'm addicted to girl's clothing.