A Snowy Friday

What an awesome day it has been!!! Seriously, I am so lucky I get to be a stay at home mom.... because when we have snow days I don't have to feel guilty about sleeping in and spending the day with Amelia out making snow angels and catching snowflakes on our tongues. We rarely get snow here so when we do it is so incredibly exciting.

Instead of doing my usual five favorite things from the week, I think I will just share some photos of the snow!

And some phone pics...
warming up at our favorite cafe
worn out from playing in the snow and walking around town for a few hours
She didn't have a sled so she tried sliding down the hill on her bum. Didn't work so her Grandma bought her a sled today.
This weekend we are expected to get a lot more snow and then freezing rain. We are having Amelia's birthday party on Sunday and then my little lady turns 5 on Wednesday. It's going to be a busy one with homework, decorations to make, a house to clean and a birthday party to throw.

What are your weekend plans?

Do you have snow where you live?

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Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Why is she so cute? Seriously. WHY?!
    I'm working all weekend... booooo! :(

  2. What a fun snow day!! Enjoy the snow and the big birthday weekend!! We got snow in Arkansas too :) We are watching the Olympics and enjoying a nice weekend together.

  3. Cute snow pics!! Happy birthday to your girl! Hope the party is a blast :)

  4. Those snow pictures are just precious!!!