Amelia's Glittery Kitty Birthday Party

When I asked Amelia what theme she wanted for her birthday this year she eagerly responded with "I want a kitty, flower painting birthday party". I was sort of lost on how I would pull that off. Thankfully a few days later she decided that a glittery kitty party would be better. Now that I could do. We had originally decided on February 9th, but due to snow and ice we had to move it back a week. The weather was much nicer and we were able to celebrate with other family members who would not have been able to make it on the 9th. I decided to make all of the decor. I just love the look of homemade decorations.

The first thing I picked out for her party were the invitations. I figured I would find one I loved and then create the decor to match. I decided to use Tiny Prints. Their invitations are beautiful and excellent quality. I took these photos of Amelia specifically for the invitation. I wanted something glitzy and fun. I love how they turned out. When her invitations arrived I couldn't be happier. They were even better than imagined.
Color scheme: mint, light blue, pink, rose, gold glitter and silver glitter

The bakery in our local Thriftway (Canby, OR) makes amazing cakes and we use them for every major event. They even did our wedding cake. I ordered a chocolate/chocolate mousse cake and a dozen almond poppy seed/raspberry cupcakes. They decorated them in a ruffled pattern using light pink butter cream. They turned out awesome and were so delicious. Since I didn't have them write anything on the cake, and I wanted to tie in the kitty theme, I ordered an adorable porcelain kitty by Lenox. It was perfect and the colors fit so well.   
Lenox Wise Cracker Kitty Cat in Costume
For the matching cupcakes I topped them with custom tags from Tiny Prints. I was happy to find that they had them in the same pattern as her invitations. To create the tags I used Wilton lollipop sticks, pink cardstock, clear tape and the Tiny Prints tags. I stuck the tags to cardstock, cut them out and simply taped the lollipop stick on the back. Doing it this way looked much better than sandwiching the stick in between the tag and cardstock. 

I needed to add more kitty touches to the party so I created this piece of art to stand on the cake table. I found a kitty image, re-sized in it Photoshop to fit in an 8x10 frame, printed it, cut it out of silver glitter paper and glued it to a light pink piece of cardstock. Add that to a white frame and you have a cute little piece of kitty art. I'm really pleased with how it turned out and plan on adding it to Amelia's bedroom decor. 

Amelia had one other kid at her party, her cousin. I wanted to give him a little party favor so I came up with this. Amelia wrote "Free Kittens" and then I purchased these two kitties, one for her and one for her cousin. 
Kittens can be purchased HERE
Tissue paper pom poms have become common decor for me when I'm hosting a party. They are easy to make on your own without buying the kits. 
1. Gather supplies
2. Keeping all 8 sheets together, fold accordion style (you can use more sheets for a fuller pom pom)
3. Example: accordion folded tissue paper
4. Fold in half 
5. Staple on the fold and knot fishing line around the center, leaving a long enough tail to eventually hang up
6. Clip the ends (rounded and triangle create cute pom pom balls)
7. Fan out the tissue paper like this and pull each piece of paper out one at a time. Be careful not to rip the tissue. 
YouTube video tutorial by SMScrapper
I also decided to create a circle paper garland that matched the decor colors. If you are interested in how I create my paper garlands, click HERE for a tutorial.

Another little touch, a DIY letter 'A' that matched perfectly. I purchased the letter from JoAnn's, used hot glue to create the design and then gave it a couple coats of paint. This is something that I display in Amelia's room when it's not being used for her parties.

I was really pleased with how it all came together. It was a wonderful day spent with our family celebrating our little five year old, Amelia.
For the "Happy Birthday" banner I cut out triangles in varying shades of pink and punched two holes in each one. I used a Cricut to cut out the letters in a white cardstock and glued them on with a glue stick. Then I ran a thin white ribbon through each hole to finish it off. 

light pink chevron paper straws can be purchased by clicking HERE
And the Birthday Girl, Amelia

 photo mintcoralsignature_zpsef9bf100.png
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. What a great party! My daughter's 5th birthday (which was also SUPPOSED to be 2/9, but we had to move it to 3/1) is going to be at Pump it Up...because I cannot throw a party to save my life....

    1. We've never been to Pump it Up. I should take Amelia one of these days.

  2. She's adorable! That cake is awesome :)

  3. AWESOME PARTY! Love the paper garland, the glittery kitty and that picture of your girl with the glitter. Gorgeous!

  4. Oh my goodness you did SUCH a great job! And that cake/cupcakes look to dieeee for!

    1. Thank you so much Amanda! I love their cake... I'm pretty sure I could live on it.

  5. I love her first answer! So creative !! What a fun theme! The invitations turned out beautiful. I've always wanted to make tissue pom poms. Now I know how!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, and for the sweet comment. I was so pleased with how it all turned out.

  6. Great job on Amelia's party!! I love the theme and colors. Great decorations, kitty cats and that cake looked amazing!!

    1. Thanks Whitney! They actually frosted the cake hot pink to begin with! When my sister picked it up she mentioned that it was supposed to be light pink. Thankfully they were able to change it because I had nothing hot pink here. She was so happy with her day.

  7. This is all so fantastic! LOVE It!

  8. Her hair looks so cute in those ringlets!

  9. I found you through the link-up! Amelia's Birthday party turned out adorable!! I love the pink and glitter :)! I am in the process of planning my daughter's first birthday and we have a lot of pink and a lot gold glitter involved!!

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  11. This party is just gorgeous! All of the little touches are just precious. I think my favorite part is the invitations - they are just so pretty and adorable!