Today I witnessed one of the cutest things ever! Amelia went to a girls only ice hockey lesson; it was the first time she had ever stepped foot on ice, let alone do anything hockey related. It was the most adorable thing and such a contrast from her usual activity, ballet.

I had tried my best to pump her up before we left for the skating center. When we walked in the door the place was crowded and loud. She immediately looked at me and whispered "I'm scared" and proceeded to tear up off and on until she hit the ice. While we got her gear on her she kept saying "I just want my mommy". We reassured her that we only let her do fun things and that she wouldn't get hurt. I'm not sure our pep talk helped prior to her stepping out there, but we tried. I snapped tons of photos, but keep in mind that I took them through a thick heavily marked up plexiglass (so they are slightly blurry). Even at that... I'm happy with what I captured. She definitely fell a ton, but when she stepped off the ice after she was grinning from ear to ear and asked when she could do it again. Big sigh of relief... she loved it! And yep, I'm about to do that mom thing where I share tons of pictures. I can't help it, they are SO cute! 

gearing up
first time up on the skates and totally unsure of it all. 

She fell a ton, but was getting the hang of it toward the end. Not bad for her first time on ice. 

The Portland Winterhawks mascot Tom-a-hawk with Amelia. 

Auntie Erica got her the hockey lesson. Thank you Auntie!
how she felt about the day... two thumbs up. 
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Yay , she's learning so I am sure she'll be a pro in no time.

    1. I think we're going to start her out with skating lessons and then let her decide on either figure skating or hockey. My guess is she will pick hockey because of the padding. She's scared of getting hurt.

  2. Oh my goodness... she's so cute in all her gear! She probably fell less than I would, too! haha

    1. It was seriously adorable! and as we were leaving the little 4&5 year old boys who have been skating since they were practically babies got on the ice and it was SO CUTE! They were flying around the rink. I think we will start her off with skating lessons and she can pick figure skating or hockey from there.

  3. The total cuteness makes it possible for me to overlook the Blackhawks jersey I saw in there (I'm a Red Wings fan) :)