Ten Things I Love About Mark

Today I'm linking up with Brianna over at Endlessly Beloved for her monthly 'Ten Favorite Things'. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, Brianna decided this month's topic would be 'Ten Favorite Things about someone I love'. So... here it goes.

Mark and I have been together for 7 years, married for 2&1/2. We've had our ups and downs like a lot of couples, but I love that man more and more every day. I'm so lucky to have him in my life.

1. I trust him. Being able to trust someone is huge for me and it takes me a while to feel like I can count on someone in that department. 
2007 (we got together 11/06 and this was a couple of months later)
2. He is kind. Seriously... this guy has a huge heart. He is always thinking of others and doing nice things for people. 

3. He is a phenomenal Daddy. There are good dads and then there are phenomenal dads. Thankfully Amelia and our future children get a phenomenal daddy. From the second Mark became a daddy he has been amazing. He is very hands on and does so much for our girl. I mean come on... how many guys know how to fix hair, let alone put it in a nice bun. He plays ponies and has tea parties. I couldn't have asked for a better daddy to raise a family with.

4. He is encouraging. Mark is always encouraging me to chase my dreams. I'm not as good at this as he is. He is not only encouraging, but he helps me along the way. 

5. He is a family man. Family is super important to me. I don't really spend time with friends, I spend time with my family. Mark also loves spending time with family and he does so much for mine. He invites my sisters over or makes plans to do stuff with them and/or my mom. He mows my Grandma's lawn and hangs out with her for hours (even when I'm not there). I just love how much he loves family time.

6. He helps out a ton. Seriously... my husband is amazing when it comes to helping out with anything I ask him to. 

7. He is fun. The video will explain it.  

8. He is intelligent. Seriously, if I have a question about anything... Mark usually knows the answer, and if not he looks it up. It's also nice to have good conversations with someone who has some smarts. 

9. He works really hard to provide for our family. 

10. He is ALWAYS there for me. No matter what.

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  1. Aw you guys are so sweet! Such a perfect little family:) Thanks for linking up pretty! love you!

  2. You can tell what a good daddy he is... it really warms my heart! :) I love that video!

    1. The video cracks me up... the things she gets him to do. As I was writing this post yesterday I looked over and she had a cup of water and a comb and was fixing his hair while they watched some girly show.

  3. So glad you found my blog- yours is adorable and I'm happy to be your newest GFC follower! Mark seems amazing as a husband AND a daddy- yet another example of men with babies being adorable :)

  4. your family photos are so sweet. Loved reading your post & excited to follow along!