High Five For Friday!

What a gorgeous Friday! Linking up with Lauren at The Lauren Elizabeth for 'High Five For Friday'.

1. This week was INCREDIBLE! Amelia and I soaked up every sunny day that was given to us. We found this grassy field filled with daisies and flopped down to enjoy it. So relaxing.

2. The kiddos and I spent a lot of time outdoors this week.


 3. It's true... she loves her cat!

4. My new favorite spot in Oregon City is the McLoughlin Promenade. I love the view from up there, and the grassy fields are perfect for playing.

5. We have had a serious squirrel problem in our crawl space. This week we had a roofer come and fix our gutter, and in the process he closed up the squirrels exit... leaving at least one of them trapped in our house. Mark got suited up to try and catch it. We saw one, but was unable to capture it. Live animal trap here we come! (I love the pink gloves he's rockin')

6. and I know that I'm only supposed to list my top 5 in the high 5 for Friday... but this week definitely needed a cherry on top. My sister's fiance Chris is a volunteer fire fighter and just this week he passed his Officer test!!!!! Good Job Chrissy Poo! We are proud of ya!

Enjoy your weekend! We don't have a ton planned. Mark works all weekend. Saturday Amelia has ballet rehearsal for a parade she is participating in on May 4th. Sunday we are going to church and then hanging out with some friends. Overall it will be a fun laid back weekend.

Ashley Elizabeth

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