Spring cleaning, lilacs, painting and wine!

What a productive Saturday! I had a goal to spring clean our upstairs bedrooms; our room and Amelia's room. While I didn't get them completely finished, I certainly accomplished a lot. It had been far too long since I had cleaned out Amelia's closet and dresser drawers. In the first two drawers alone I was able to pack away about 3/4 of the clothes. A lot of them still fit, but they are things she won't be wearing again. It felt so good to get stuff done. I'm pretty sure that Mark, Amelia and I all three stayed in pajama like clothing for the entire day.

Enjoying some delicious wine while smelling the lilacs I picked today and writing this post!

If you have an artsy/crafty kiddo like I do, I've found that picking up those little cardboard boxes, or wooden birdhouses at Michael's and JoAnn's is the best investment... after all, they are only one dollar. Even though I'm home all day with Amelia, I feel bad when I spend the majority of a day cleaning or working on a project. On days like this... painting projects to the rescue! I've stocked up here and there on the cheap paints (usually $1 or less) and now Amelia has a good selection to choose from. She is happy to spend a couple of hours working on these crafts, and this Mama doesn't feel as if I'm neglecting my child. 

Happy as can be!

Her little hands are so adorable!

Tomorrow we have a fun packed day, starting out at church and then having a chilly Oregon and probably rainy picnic with some friends. Also on the agenda, sewing up some rice bags for my Etsy shop. Last week I shipped to California and have had a request for more! 

Happy Weekend!

Ashley Elizabeth

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