Friend Making Monday: Inside My Head

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Inside My Head
I like crafting
I don’t like spiders and feet
I love my family and a couple of close friends
I dream of having a big family
I wonder what type of person Amelia will grow up to be
I know a lot
I went on two walks today. Oregon City was gorgeous!
I think I'm addicted to music
I plan to blog a little more
I regret never living on my own
I do like to dance and sing incredibly loud when it is only Amelia and I at home
I drink water like a fish
I wish I could see the future!
I am a little crazy sometimes... but the good crazy, not the I need a straight jacket kinda crazy
I am not shy
I need change
I hope to go on a real vacation sometime this year
I want to live in the country
I sometimes wish I could spend a year in New York. 
I always strive to be the best mom I can be. 
I can do anything I put my mind to
I cannot sing worth a damn
I avoid rude people
I will work toward exercising more and losing more weight!
Ashley Elizabeth

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  1. I regret never living on my own as well.:( I'm also a little crazy sometimes.:)