What is wrong with people???

What is wrong with people? Seriously... why would two grown adults, late 30's or so, think that it is a good idea to get a little more than "cozy" on the side of a frequently used walking path when they know a Mama and her little kiddo are close by? Amelia and I went for our second walk of the day around the time the sun was setting. It was still fairly warm out and the sky was beautiful. Amelia and I sat on a bench together giggling, singing songs and enjoying the view of downtown Oregon City and the waterfalls. We headed home once the sky darkened up. Less than 100 feet from where we had been sitting, we came across "the scene". Amelia said really loud "Mama, why are those people moving and moving in that blanket (puzzled look and long pause), that's really really weird". Needless to say I picked up the pace and we were home shortly after.  

It was a gorgeous day here in Oregon City! Amelia and I spent the morning snuggling and being somewhat lazy, until the little man I babysit showed up around one. We headed out for a walk immediately, and spent close to two hours wandering the neighborhood. 

 My Girl!
 Amelia wanted me to take a pretty picture of the pretty flowers

 I love Oregon City
She was climbing and jumping all over the rocks

On our way home from walk #1 we stopped and got an ice cream treat. Amelia was so excited and made one heck of a mess. 

I love this one

And finally... a picture from our evening walk. 

I ate horrible last week, so I'm hoping to get back on track. Once I hit the 20# mark my weeks haven't been as great. I am down 21 pounds. I'm hoping that the nice weather will help me get out and walk a lot more than I have been. 
Ashley Elizabeth

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