H54F - What a busy week!

What a crazy week it has been. I haven't even had a second of down time, let alone time to blog. I'm looking forward to this rather busy weekend, hoping to catch up on some sleep in between running around. Linking up with The Lauren Elizabeth for H54F.

1. We caught the squirrel!!! There was a guy out last week to repair our gutter and he found their nest, tore it down and then closed up their entry way into our crawl space. In the process of all of that, this little guy got trapped inside. After a few attempts, he was finally set free from our house! Let's just say I'm one happy lady to be able to sleep in quiet (he ran around non stop).

2. Saturday afternoon we decided to go for a drive up to Cascade Locks. The weather was beautiful. We had dinner and then walked around a park for a while. It was a fun little trip.

3. I've been missing my mom like crazy lately since she lives 8 hours away. I decided Saturday evening that I was going to drive up Sunday to get her. Mark had to work all weekend so Amelia and I headed out Sunday morning to capture my mom and bring her back Monday. We spent 18 or so hours in the car and Amelia was a total trooper the entire way. I just wish we could have stayed up at her house for a few days before returning.

4. Wednesday was my 28th birthday!!! We all ended up at my sister Grace's house for dinner. It was quite tasty! and a nice way to celebrate my day of birth.

5. Yesterday my mom went into the ER for stomach pains and ended up going in for emergency surgery to have her gallbladder removed. I'm so glad that I randomly went up and got her, otherwise she would have been alone 8 hours away. This is my Grandma and Amelia waiting for her to come out of recovery. She was doing well when I left last night and should be headed to my sister's this afternoon.

This weekend Amelia is participating in a Teddy Bear parade with her ballet studio. The Oregon weather is supposed to be awesome! I can't wait to soak up some rays. Sunday we will do our usual trip out to church and then hang out with some friends.

Happy Weekend!

Ashley Elizabeth

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