Beautiful Weather

Last night I looked out our back window to see what was one of the most beautiful sunsets we have had in a while. I grabbed my camera and my girl, and we headed to the elevator to snap a few shots.
I love Oregon City!
It started raining on our way back. It's a good thing we only walked a couple of blocks.

The weather is simply gorgeous out! Today has been filled with watching fun little kiddos and a spontaneous park date with my friend Amanda and her little darling Violet.

 They are so cute!
 Tug O' War
They created a little campfire in the park

Since all of my little ones got picked up early today I'm gonna get working on my Photoshop class. I'm so excited to be taking it. It is a 14 hour class. I started the first part last week, and this second part is about 90 minutes. I can't wait to actually feel comfortable editing my pictures. If you have nice weather today, I hope you are able to enjoy it!

Ashley Elizabeth

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