A weight loss reward!

So after a successful week and a trip to Nordstrom last night, I was finally able to check off my first weight loss reward.
I love MAC cosmetics, so a trip to the counter was a fun reward for me. I have a slight obsession with the two eye colors I chose, and they are always in my make up drawer. It was perfect timing that I recently ran out of both. 


I bought a beautiful lip color as well. I'm a newbie to lipstick and still find it somewhat awkward to wear since I have very thin lips and a scar over my top lip. Most of my colors are bright and bold, so I toned it down a bit with a nice pink that compliments my light freckled skin. 

So if you didn't see my previous post... I lost 11.4 pounds last week, bringing my total weight loss to 16.2 pounds for the past couple of months. I weigh myself every day and continue to see the number go down, so hopefully I can cash in my 20 pound reward soon... a pedicure with Amelia! Just in time for sandal weather. 

My full list of weight loss rewards can be found here!

I want to hear from you...

Do you have a weight loss goal you are trying to reach?

Do you reward yourself?

Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Just found your blog through runsforcookies. :) I love the reward idea and want to make a list for myself. I want to lose 18.8 lbs by June 10th. I just started on sparkpeople again today. I was doing it, and had lost 5lbs, but gained it all back over our long weekend. boo. oh well! I'm going to make myself a list. My first treat might be some David's tea! I will be back. Great job!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I love Katie's blog! Sparkpeople is so great, but I have a hard time being disciplined so it never works as it should for me. When I do track everything I always lose, but after about 3 weeks I slack off. I can't stand that I do that. I like the reward system. It was a great feeling to claim my first one (after a year of trying for it). David's tea really is wonderful. I will definitely be purchasing from them again. Good luck on your weight loss. I'm heading over to your blog now :)