A fun St. Patty's weekend

I feel like I haven't posted in quite some time... so I will fill you in on last weekend since this week hasn't been too eventful. Saturday I slept in a bit, which was incredibly nice! I had plans to go out with my sister to a few bars in downtown Portland where the pipe band she is in would be performing (she plays drums). Mark worked this weekend so he stayed home. Amelia was going to stay home as well, but she was less than thrilled about a "boring" night with daddy which would ultimately lead to an early bedtime (Mark works at 4am). My Grandma offered to babysit... and I took her up on it. Amelia is such an easy kid, she can pretty much take care of herself, so I knew they would have a great time together and my Grandma wouldn't have to do much. Erica and I grabbed a quick bite to eat at Pita Pit before meeting up with the band. It was a really fun night and I had a blast.

We started out at Patty's playing the half time segment for the Timber's game that was going on, then we hopped the Max over to the Thirsty Lion. It was the first time I had ever been on Max. After they played their slot at the second bar, we walked back to Patty's so that they could play another 45 minutes. 

When we got back to my Grandma's you could tell they had a wonderful time.There were toys strewn about, books laid out and the residue of chocolate on Amelia's cheek... much better than an early bedtime. 

Sunday I took Amelia to Sunday school and my friend was there with her little girl. It was so nice to have someone to chat with while the girls were in class. I have been just hanging out by myself for the hour, but time definitely passed faster having Amanda there. 

As I said, this week has been pretty uneventful so I will share a couple of pictures.

 Amelia chatting with Grandma on Skype. I love technology!

Our kiddos snuggling

Ashley Elizabeth

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