Squirrels in Love

I know I've written about the tenants in our attic, but lately they have been going crazy. I think it must be the rain that is keeping them indoors, making them run laps up in the attic. I say they/them because I recently, as in just a few moments ago, realized that it was not one squirrel we were dealing with, but a pair of squirrel lovers. They were just running about on the branches of the tree outside our window, playing chase, before I heard them both run back into the attic. I've posted the first picture before, but the second was what I saw when I came out of the craft room this morning. Amelia and Rudy are fascinated with our friends and they are so incredibly loud that even on the first floor we can hear them as if they are chewing through the walls (our home is 2 stories). I wonder if we will have to capture them and take them when we move.

Amelia, Rudy and the Squirrel all staring at one another

 Amelia and Rudy listening to the squirrel running around in the wall/attic

Perhaps they wouldn't stick around if we stopped feeding them; I just have a hard time telling Amelia she can't give them food anymore.

Today has been a great day. I think I'm finally getting into a schedule that works for the little ones and I, although I could go to bed earlier than I have been. Tonight we are going to look at a rental. We aren't quite ready to buy yet so we want to find a place we can stay in until that time comes. Our current house is large which I like, but it needs a lot of work and our landlord isn't the most attentive person. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the house we are looking at works out, but this neighborhood is quite popular and there are always TONS of people that look at each house. 

Have a great evening all.

Ashley Elizabeth

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