Delicious tea!

Let me start off by saying, I love tea. I'm generally an iced tea fanatic, since I don't lean toward drinking anything hot, but occasionally a hot cup of hot tea just hits the spot. I've tried my share of tea, and I must say I was extremely happy when Katie at Runs For Cookies reviewed David's Tea. I'm constantly looking for more flavorful teas, something beyond my usual black iced tea, and David's Tea is amazing. I decided to order two flavors, but David's Tea is awesome and always sends 3 free samples along with any purchase, so I get to try 5.

The flavors I picked out are Fantasy Island and Cocoa Canela.
Fantasy Island: black tea, coconut flakes, freeze-dried raspberries, coconut
Cocoa Canela (organic): yerba mate, carob, cocoa nibs and powder, cinnamon, chocolate chips

The three samples they sent me are Honeydew Mate, Pom Tango and Coconut Oolong.
Honeydew Mate: green rooibos, green yerba mate, white hibiscus blossoms, melon pieces
Coconut Oolong: pao zhong oolong tea, coconut flakes
Pom Tango: mango cubes, black tea, pomegranate seeds, freeze-dried mango

So far I've tried the cocoa canela, fantasy island and pom tango. I liked all three of them, but the fantasy island is my favorite so far. 

If you are a tea lover, I recommend trying David's Tea

Ashley Elizabeth

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