The cherry on top of a great weekend!

I had a pretty great weekend!

Friday night Mark, Amelia and I headed out to dinner at the Thirsty Lion. Since it was no meat Friday I really wanted the shrimp tacos they have. When we got there we had about a 50 minute wait. Mark and I looked at one another and decided to stay and chat instead of leaving.... because the Thirsty Lion is worth the wait. Once we were seated we enjoyed the ridiculously tasty food. Mark had an awesome looking burger and I loved my tacos. We each had a drink and got dessert, which is definitely NOT our norm. It was nice to relax and enjoy some family time together.
On our way out to dinner

Saturday I hung out with one of my best friends while Mark and Amelia went on a daddy/daughter date to OMSI. We decided to go see Identity Thief. That movie was great! I love Melissa McCarthy so I knew it would be good. After the movie we headed up to Mt. Tabor. The day was beautiful, even with the chilly wind. It was really nice to get out and catch up. 
I love this view of Portland

Sunday we got up and headed to church. Mark had to drive us because my car overheated the day before and he hasn't had a chance to check it out yet. Amelia never complains about waking up early for church, which makes me smile. 

My mom is in town so we headed over to visit her last night. Amelia is obsessed with her Grandma Tami so the second she comes in to town the begging to see her begins. It is really cute how close they are. 

Today I woke up and can't stop smiling! I stepped on the scale to an 11.4 pound loss this week!!!!! I can't even explain how excited I am right now. I have been stuck in a rut, but apparently things have changed. Now I just need to keep on track. It was the cherry on top of a wonderful weekend. 

Happy Monday!

Ashley Elizabeth

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