High Five For Friday

I am so ready for the weekend to get here. Not because I want to be rid of the little ones I watch, but because I am not feeling 100% and I hate not being able to get crazy with them. I'm hoping to get some much needed rest this weekend so that I can start Monday off with some fun adventures. Here is a recap of my week, linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk with high five for Friday.

1. Mark, Amelia and I had a little game night this week... complete with boxes of Girl Scout cookies. It was fun to just spend a little time as a little family. The week is always so hectic so stepping away from the chaos is wonderful.

2. The usual scene in my house during the week... and I love it. Kids running about, toys being tossed around, giggling, playing chase and having huge tea parties like the above picture.

3. Thursday Amelia and I went to the library to check out story time. She really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to taking her to the preschool story time instead of the toddler one (that was the only one we could make).

4. Mark made a HUGE salad the other night for dinner and he gave me this gigantic bowl of it. We ended up splitting this since it was so massive. It was pretty funny though when he told me this whole thing was mine.

5. The man making us some dinner. I love that we've been cooking together a little more. He does so much for Amelia and I, we are truly lucky!
Ashley Elizabeth

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