A Colorful Daffodil Experiment

As spring comes into full bloom I hope you are taking advantage of the rain free days in Oregon. We try to get outdoors every chance we get. Thankfully we have several awesome parks within a 5 mile radius of our home, and we frequent them on days the sun shows itself. The first sign of spring popped up for me this week, our first daffodil bloomed.

Since I take full advantage of Amelia's ongoing curiosity of all things around her, I let her pick the daffodil for a little experiment. Every moment can be a memory made AND a teaching moment.

We brought the flower inside and put it in a skinny vase full of water. I got out some food coloring and let Amelia pick a color. We put the blue food coloring in the water and I explained to her how the flower will drink the water up through the stem, and the food coloring will show us where the water ends up. She was so excited when she woke up and looked at the daffodil.

With our next daffodil that blooms we are going to try the stem splitting trick, where you put half of the stem in one color, and the other in another. She had a lot of questions such as "Mama, our water goes into our bellies, where is a flower's belly". This was a great little experiment to do with her; a sweet memory made and a lesson learned.

Ashley Elizabeth

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  1. I love this! Now that she's done this she will never forget it. How cool. Way to tap into curiosity :)