Back in the Saddle Again... or the elliptical

So... I did it! After nine months without hitting the gym once I'm back at it. I didn't realize it would take just one trip to motivate me. I feel great and forgot how much I loved going. Even though I get very little time at home with my family at night, the hour I spend at the gym is some "me" time that I never get. I thought I would be dying on the elliptical but I was quite impressed that the huffing and puffing didn't get too out of control. Thanks to my little sister for sneaking in with me, she doesn't have a membership and since she is only living with us a short while it would be pointless for her to pay the membership fee. The gym will definitely be a part of my weekly routine again, and I am excited!

Oh, I almost forgot to share some great news!!! I fit into a pair of jeans that are a size smaller than I  normally wear. I tried the jeans on a few months ago and there was no way those babies were going to work but this weekend, after frustration with my lack of pants, I decided to try them on and to my surprise... they fit! It could just be the brand because my old jeans still fit just fine, but seeing that smaller pant size is a little motivating.

Me on my 27th Birthday

My birthday was wonderful yesterday! I had decided that I would count calories as best I could, but I wasn't going to skip out on cake. When I got to work my old boss had two cookies sitting on my desk... now these aren't just any cookies, they are the best snicker doodles I have ever had. I enjoyed one and decided I would save the other for another day. For lunch my co-workers took me out to lunch at a local cafe (the same place that makes the cookies). It was so sweet of them to buy me lunch. I work with a great bunch of folks. After work I headed in to my Grandma's house. It is our thing to celebrate our birthdays at her house, it is nice and relaxing without having to spend gobs of money on everyone eating out. My mom made yummy enchiladas and we had the best cake ever! Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling. TO DIE FOR!!!! I was good and passed on the ice cream, the cake was plenty and so incredibly delicious.

 My Birthday cake... we didn't put all 27 candles on, this was plenty. Thankfully Amelia helped me blow them out. 

 The yummy Snicker Doodles I got for my birthday

My sister Erica made this pitcher for me. She went to a ceramic painting place and it turned out awesome. For those of you that know Erica know that she was not the arts and craft girl that I was growing up. She did a wonderful job and I absolutely love it! I have made a nice spot for it in my China hutch. It is probably my most favorite thing that she has ever given me. 

Well, it is getting late and I am wiped out. Off to sleep I go! 
Ashley Elizabeth

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