A walk to the park

Tonight I had a decision... to go to the gym by myself and workout for an hour or go for a walk with my girl, well that was a no brainer. Amelia and I headed out on what ended up being a mile walk. She was a trooper and was so excited to be out and about, even though it was a little chilly. I made sure that our walk ended with a stop at the children's park a block away from our house, that made her day. I of course made her take a few pictures and she was of course silly as always. She has been doing this new thing lately... every time I say something wrong or do something wrong she says "Mama, that's not how it goes, you silly"... makes me smile each time!

 My Love
 I have such a beautiful little girl! 

So today I looked over my spending for the past two months and categorized it into groceries, eating out, gas, babysitting, bills and extra expenses. In doing so I've come to the conclusion that I am giving up eating out and any sort of coffee shop stop for at least the next month. Not only will this help me maintain my daily caloric intake without going over, but it will save us some money as well. I didn't realize how much I was stopping at Starbucks in the morning and grabbing a quick bite to eat with co-workers for lunch. A tool I am going to use to make sure I am prepared with meals and not putting myself in a position to stop and grab something... meal planning. I sat down, looked up recipes and have now written out our meals for the next two weeks along with the grocery list for all meals. I've decided on a mix of soups, crock pot meals and chicken with veggie dishes and will have enough for lunch leftovers!

Tomorrow is my birthday. When I got home from work today the first thing out of Amelia's mouth was "Mama Mama!!! I made you a card today, for your birthday, for later" It was so funny! Then she showed me the envelope and told me there was something special in it that she drew for me. I will be sure to post a picture of my awesome card tomorrow after I open it.

Well The Voice semi-finals are on and I'm getting distracted trying to blog and watch at the same time so I'm off for the night. Good night all!

Ashley Elizabeth