Good Evening All,
Let me start off by saying Thank You to all of the people checking out my blog. It really is amazing to log on and see hundreds of views daily from people all over the world. So my last post was in regards to the headaches I've been experiencing. I made it into the doctor today and hopefully we are on our way to getting rid of this nasty guy! So just a basic overview of what I've been experiencing... I like to describe it as that infection feeling that is incredibly painful, yet itches at the same time. I feel as though something is inside my head eating my brain, which is a nasty visual but the only way I can describe the feeling. I've had migraines since the age of 12 and have gotten quite used to them as they occur more often now than they ever did back then. My migraines vary anywhere from two days to eighteen days and are pretty typical migraines, but this head pain I'm experiencing is a whole new ballgame! The doctor I saw today believes that what I'm experiencing is sort of a battle between migraine and the most severe tension headache one can experience. I've had some serious swelling in my temple area and at the base of my head that comes and goes regularly now. He said that my muscles are so tense, probably triggered from a migraine or some sort of stress, that they are swelling. Because my muscles are so swollen and tight they are essentially squeezing my brain, which is why I get that nasty feeling of infection in my head. Since I have been unable to get more than a few hours of sleep per night my brain never gets a chance to rest, which explains the problems I'm having remembering things and focusing... I'm sort of burnt out at this point. Also, when my muscles enlarge (or swell) they trigger horrible chest pains, which then adds more stress. The doctor has put me on a muscle relaxant to try and get the two main muscles to calm down, a really low dose beta blocker to help my heart chill from the stress and a pain medication to deal with the overall headache. Hopefully the combination of the three will be the cure! I can only hope.

On to what's new... We are gearing up to go camping this weekend. I'm super excited as it will be our first time camping with Amelia. I'm taking half a day off tomorrow and driving over with my sister Erica, and Mark will meet us over there Saturday after he is off work. It should be a great relaxing weekend. Tonight when I got home from work Amelia said "you went to work for too long Mama, I missed you so much and so much" then she followed it up with a tight squeeze and a huge kiss! I'm a lucky Mama. If the meds are working by tomorrow night or Saturday I plan on starting the C25K. I figure the weather will be nice and cool in the evenings and it will be great scenery, and maybe I can get my sister Grace to join me... although she is so much faster than I am and can go a lot further. Perhaps she will take pity on her sister! I had planned to make some treats to take camping but decided I really don't need the calories. Of course I will take stuff for s'mores, because you can't go camping without, but that will be all! When I get back I plan on posting my weekly loss (or gain) in my weight loss section, but as you all know I'm too self conscious to post my actual weight... maybe one day. At least it will push me to work a lot harder if I'm posting my ups and downs for you all to see. Well, with Memorial weekend almost here and a camping trip to pack for I am off for the night. I will post all about our camping adventures when we return Monday evening. I hope you all have a safe and fun weekend!
So Serious!

Ashley Elizabeth

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  1. I know how it feels to not want to post your weight but it here's mine, I have gone from 195 to 155 and now I am back up to 175 because of the fact that I am not allowed to work out right now. You can do this, it will be an amazing journey for you! Good luck and have fun camping!