A Mess of a Day

Hello All,
It's been a few days since I've written, but I've been under the weather. For the past few weeks I've been battling a headache that won't let up. Laughing, hearing others laugh, music, elevated voices and pretty much anything but silence has been sending sharp shooting pains through my head, sometimes so excruciating that I can't help but start bawling. This morning it took everything I had just to drag myself out of bed and appear somewhat functional at work. I had an interview today for a position that would be the next step up from where I currently am and I was hoping I could will the issues I'm having away and deliver a stellar performance... needless to say, I failed! I completely bombed my interview and ended up having to step away from my desk a few times after to sit downstairs in the dark, crying and gripping my head to try and ease the pain. I spent both of my breaks at work calling every medical group that I could in the area and each one had at least a month wait time for new patients... a month more of this, UGH! Tonight when I got home Mark had cleaned the house and cooked dinner for my family. It was so sweet of him to do so much and I thoroughly appreciated not having to lift a finger when I walked through the door. After crying off and on for hours my mom decided (yes, she can still tell me what to do) that she was going to take Amelia for the night so that I could head to the ER in hopes of gaining some relief. Since Mark wakes up so early for work I told him to stay home and sleep, it would just be a lot of sitting around and Grace had offered to take me up.
This has to be one of the most horrible pictures ever!

The doctor gave me a heavy dose of morphine and some fluids in case I was dehydrated... haha, me being dehydrated is such a joke considering I drink more water a day than anyone else I know, but whatever! For about an hour the morphine helped but it made my chest heavy and uncomfortable, and I am still feeling the nauseated from it. The doctor wasn't able to help too much with finding the cause, but he did refer me to a physician who will be able to see me in the next 2-3 days, which is much better than a month. So this is quite the downer, unexciting post but I'm hoping once we work towards a solution for my headaches I will be able to start the C25K program! Well now it's time to hit the sheets, the anti-nausea medication is starting to kick in and I'm pretty sure I can lie down now without the room spinning. Good night and sweet dreams to you all!
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. That sounds horrible, hope you get some relief soon!

  2. Thanks Bailey! It has been horrible dealing with this. I feel so bad, sometime I can even be in the same room as my daughter or I have to step away because she starts laughing and it triggers a series of sharp pains. Hopefully the doc figures it out soon.