Her first COACH!!!

So, this will be a quick post as it is late and I'm exhausted. Amelia and I just got home from a fun trip shopping with my sisters followed by a yummy dinner. I love it when us four girls get together and hang out, it isn't often that we are all free at the same time. After work I met Erica, Grace and Amelia at the outlet mall and when I got there Amelia was beyond excited to show me all of the things Auntie Erica had bought her. First was a hot pink fuzzy North Face hat, then some light pink puffy North Face slippers... and last but not least, Amelia's very first Coach purse. Now she matches her Mama, both Aunties and her Grandma Tami!!!!

After checking out the new Maurice's store (a favorite of my sisters and I) we went to Gymboree and I got Amelia the cutest shirts! Mr. Clarke would be proud, all three are TENNIS shirts! Now she is all set to play with Mama on the court this summer. I can't wait.

After shopping we went out to dinner. Erica said she was treating Grace and I which was super nice! I wasn't planning on going since I gave up spending money on eating out but she wanted us to go. My sister Erica has such a generous heart, it seems like every day she is doing something nice for us. I love her to death!

Well I said this would be a quick post, I'm off for the night! Oh and one more thing, I finally figured out how to get the "followers" gadget on my page so if ya like my blog... follow me! And hopefully I will have a little more to offer in a post tomorrow, after all we are trying a new turkey chili recipe and I want to let you all know how it turns out.
Ashley Elizabeth

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