I love the weekends! but at the same time I hate them. Weekends remind me of how much I miss out on with Amelia while I am at work. It seems lately that we are always on the go Saturdays and Sundays, leaving us little time to just hang out. Today was great. This is Mark's weekend to work so Amelia and I slept in and lounged about until he got home at one. We decided to head over to my Grandma's because her lawn was in desperate need of being cut and Mark is usually the one who does it for her. While he worked on the landscaping us ladies sat inside and watched the Kentucky Derby, which I have become a major fan of. Amelia spent a good portion of the day playing with some of my old Polly Pockets that I had found. She loves them! and it makes me smile seeing her play with all of my old favorite toys.

After Mark was done with the lawn we headed out to enjoy the little bit of sun that was poking out from the clouds. Amelia had a blast running around, playing chase and wheelbarrow and catching bubbles.
 Riding the "pony" that my sisters, cousins and I all rode as kids


 run run run

 I LOVE this girl!

 Hanging in Grandma's raspberries

 Catching Bubbles

 My Loves


Tomorrow I really need to bust my butt in the exercise and eating healthy department. I've got one pound to go until my first reward and I'm hoping to make it by my Monday weigh in. I think I will start off the morning with a walk, clean house throughout the day and then hit the gym hard tomorrow night. Grandma sent us home with four mini/individual sized meat loafs so we will have that for dinner tomorrow along with mashed cauliflower. Sounds Yummy! Oh and I went to the grocery store tonight, coupons in hand and saved almost $60 and spent $90. Not too shabby for my first major couponing experience. I'm not sure I will hop on tomorrow to post since I have a huge list of tasks to complete but I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the warm warm sun shows itself. 
I will leave ya tonight with a picture of Amelia playing with one of my most treasured friend from my childhood. I think it is adorable that Amelia's favorite stuffed animal is a bunny, just like this friend. 
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. I had so many Polly Pockets growing up, they were my favourite :)

  2. They were my favorite too! and it is so fun to watch my daughter play with them. I'm glad I kept them.