Girls with Guns

This week was a rough one. I'm not sure why, but I am beyond exhausted and worn out after the past five days. It's not that work was overwhelmingly stressful, just busy enough to keep me going. I love being busy and having a full list of tasks to complete, it gives me a sense of value that I wouldn't get if I were to just be sitting at my desk spacing out. As all of you know, it's May... yes May and we had our first fire of the year. It was unexpected and we were all a little caught of guard, but I'm glad we got this one to get us in the fire season groove. For those of you that don't know, I work for the Department of Forestry and we bring on seasonal crews each summer to fight wildland fires. I started out as a seasonal dispatcher and have been a permanent employee for 5&1/2 years now. Our fire was only 8 acres, but since we are not yet in fire season and our crews are not on yet, it was a little bit of a blood pumping rush getting the call.

I've had some horrible headaches lately, constant pain varying from a dull pain to a sharp, shooting excruciating pain. I feel like a drug addict with all of the pills I pop lately. I've had a hard time doing anything this past week because of this headache. Today at work I got the worst pain I think I've ever felt in my temples, it brought tears to my eyes. I'm in search of a doctor in hopes of finding resolution to this issue. I think once I'm able to control these I will be able to be more active and walk or jog without the pounding going on. Well that's enough of the headache talk!

Tonight I went shooting up in the hills with my sister Grace, her boyfriend Chris and my bro Jesse (he's my brother by choice, not blood). It was a ton of fun. I was worried that it would cause my head to hurt worse but the earplugs we had worked wonderfully! After shooting we went out to dinner, a completely unhealthy dinner that I am now regretting. I had a chicken burger with onion rings and I hate the way I'm feeling now; so sluggish. 
My sister and I with the guns! By the way... Grace and I hit the target first shot!!! Not too shabby if I do say so myself. 

I've never been into running, in fact I believe I hate running, but for some strange reason I have a strong desire to start. I know I will not be any good at it; I figure I will start out running as far as I can and hope I can go longer and longer each time I try. I have been debating between starting the C25K or just winging it. I downloaded the app for the C25K and have tried it a few days, but I think I may be better off just heading out the door with my music blasting on a mission to run as far as I can. I will keep y'all posted on my progress. As for my weight loss, I haven't done well at all the last two weeks. I don't know what it is lately but I want to eat non-stop. I know why I was craving everything chocolate last week but it shouldn't have carried over into this week. I am pretty sure I need to do a complete removal of carbs/sugars from my diet and refrain from eating that junk in the hopes of getting back on track. I've added a couple of pounds to the scale and I hope to take them back off, along with a few more. Monday's weight in will be interesting. The gym is going to be my best friend this weekend... as well as playing outside with my Amelia. Well it's late and my bed is calling. I will leave you all with a few adorable pictures of the kittens we found in our shed last weekend. They are growing so fast and are so fun!
 After their first bath. They aren't litter box trained and had been jumping where they had gone potty.

 She is such a sweetie!

 The wild man of the bunch
The two little ladies, both total sweethearts!

Ashley Elizabeth

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  1. I am loving the pic of you girls with the guns! I'm taking a gun safety course in a few weeks with a couple of friends...may have my own awesome pic to share :-)

    Glad to hear you're giving running a shot. I can tell you first hand c25k works! I HATE running and even the days I feel like I had a "good run" I still hate it! However, there is no better feeling than the first time you run the whole 3.2 mi (or whatever your goal) without stopping! Keep at will surprise yourself! Another idea, sign yourself up for a race. Doesn't matter if you walk it or run it. Committing yourself to a date is great motivation.

    Looking forward to our visit. Maybe we can squeeze in a little c25k run :-)
    BTW, the pic of Amelia below is stunning! Her hair is so pretty, beautiful girl! Looking forward to see how much she's grown over a year.