Freckles and Smiles

What a busy day it was today! I seemed to be going non-stop at work and the day flew by. I'm so glad that tomorrow is Friday; I've borrowed a small tiller from Grace's boyfriend and plan on getting my garden in. When I picked up Amelia today she was full of stories and humorous things to say. When we first got in the car she had to tell me all about her new freckles. I LOVE that she is getting freckles; she is the perfect mix of Mark and I... dark hair, blue eyes and lighter skin with FRECKLES! "Mama, I'm getting freckles (long pause) I don't want you to wash them off, I'm gonna be like you" and she looked at me with the biggest smile. I reassured her that I would not be scrubbing them away and that she could be like her Mama. Even though I have thousands upon thousands of freckles and she has only a few, it made me smile to think she wanted to be like her Mama. With her looking up to me it makes me all the more determined to lead a happy healthy life. I want her to grow up active, excited to get out and enjoy the sun and all of the activities that come along with it. As we were driving home she was very observant today. Usually she sits back and falls asleep but with the tiller sitting on the floor behind the passenger side she had to sit behind me and was able to see me in the rear view mirror as well as my side mirror. I had the sunroof open and my window down, it was so cute to see her hair blowing all over... but then she said "Mama, I think you going too fast... slow down" so I had to lay on the brakes for a bit so she could see everything on the new side of the road. 
The beautiful view in my rear view mirror today on the way home.

Dinner ready for me when I get home three nights in a row... that husband of mine is spoiling me! Tonight he made a delicious dinner of cod and asparagus. He made a ginger, soy sauce and garlic sauce for the cod which was amazing. I wanted to eat more but was comfortably full so I figured I shouldn't go back for another helping. 
It tasted wonderful! Thank you husband.

I'm excited for lunch tomorrow! My co-workers and I were going out to lunch quite regularly a few months back and decided we were a "lunch club". Well one of our members Vicky is a temporary employee and her last day with us will be June 5th. Tomorrow the lunch club is going out for the last time with Vicky to the Chinese restaurant in town. It will be a nice treat, and great to go out again since we haven't been lately. Lunch club consists of myself, my not blood brother Jesse, my sister Grace, her boyfriend Chris, one of my greatest friends Steve and our darling Vicky. I am going to miss Vicky a lot; we have had some wonderful conversations over the past six months and I feel that we have become great friends during the time she has worked with us. She has given me some great advice that I will carry with me throughout my life. Thankfully the good ol' Facebook will keep us in touch! and I'm still promising that I will one day visit her in Hawaii when she makes the move there. 

I'm hoping for a very laid back weekend, but one that allows me to accomplish a lot around the house. I want to get my garden in, visit my Grandma, take Amelia for a walk around the neighborhood with a stop at the park, hit the gym Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, try a few new recipes, clean like crazy, perhaps take a trip up to the local frozen yogurt shop and maybe fit in some crafting. I know, quite a long list for what I envision to be a "laid back" weekend but to me these things are all relaxing and will hopefully relieve some stress. I also want to get my blog a little more complete, adding to each of my sections. No matter what I do, I'm sure you will all hear about it :) 

Have a great night!
Ashley Elizabeth

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  1. Oh Ashley, you are so sweet :-) I can't tell you how much you have changed my life. But I will try. When I first came to work with you I was at a low point in my career. I had been trying to find work for some time and wasn't feeling that great about myself. But you and the gang at ODF helped me to feel valuable and special. I feel like my gas tank is full as I leave you and the office, and a great deal of thanks goes to you for trusting and believing in me right from the start. Your confidence in me helped my inner confidence to grow back again, and for that I am SO grateful. I will miss working with you every day and wish only the best for you and your future. I know life will be amazing for you because you are amazing. Thanks for welcoming me into the fold for the short time I have been there and giving me such a great gift that I can take with me forever.