Catching up after a long weekend

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend; my family and I went camping. Friday I took off at noon and my sister Erica, Amelia and I headed up past Hood River to meet up at the campground with my little sister Gracie, her boyfriend Chris and my parents... oh and let's not forget the four kittens we took camping! Mark had to work so he didn't meet us up in Parkdale until Saturday afternoon. It was a fun weekend, and a great first camping experience for Amelia. I didn't get any exercising in as planned but I tried to manage my portions at meal times and ended coming home the same weight that I left, even with the s'mores. Our tent was incredibly comfortable and Amelia and I slept so well (the muscle relaxers might have aided in this comfort).
A picture of my girl and I in our tent

My headache was tolerable during our trip, but the meds the doctor prescribed haven't fully eased the pain. We did a lot of lounging about this weekend, which was a nice way to spend 3 days. Saturday we spent some time in Hood River at the market and shopped at the little stores, Sunday we found a few geocaches and hung around camp and Monday we packed up and headed home. 
Chris, Grace and I

 Amelia in front of our tent

 Amelia and her Pappy

 Our first night

 Yes, we took 4 kittens camping

My parents with Amelia

So Grace and I are both in agreement that we could definitely improve our eating habits. I tend to do really well for a week or two and then fall right off the wagon. Tonight after work I stopped at the store and bought a ton of fresh produce and plan on making up a huge salad tonight, along with some chicken, and have it all ready to go for our lunches the next few days. I'm counting every calorie I put in my mouth and I AM going to get results! As for exercising, it has been hard to do much with the pounding headache but I'll get there. Thankfully the weather forecast looks good the next couple of days and Grace and I have walking on the agenda for our lunch break tomorrow. I'm glad she is so supportive!!!!! 

Well, I've got salad to make tonight for lunch tomorrow, and dinner to put away, and kittens to take care of and a little girl to get ready for bed so... I'm off for tonight. Good night all. 
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. sounds like you all had a blast camping! i can't believe you took 4 kittens with you... how funny! love your idea of chicken and salad... before moving in with matt i used to make up a bunch of salads in tupperware on sunday and buy a roasted chicken, then i'd have lunches all week! romaine kept really well for the week, and no tomatoes. then, i'd have olive oil and balsamic at work - works great! also, we do a lot of quinoa, instead of rice or pasta - less carbs, more protein. keep up the good work!!

  2. p.s. i thought the pic of the kittens was a bunch of chipmunks at first... ha ha!!

    oh, and walking at lunch is great! i miss that...

  3. Yeah, I'm not supposed to eat rice, Brown or white an absolutely no pasta. Have you tried quinoa pasta? It is great and my naturopath approves. We buy it in the bulk food section. I like to saute garlic up in olive oil and add it to cooked quinoa pasta with fresh basil, tomatoes and peas... Yummy.

  4. I love camping! It looks like you guys had fun and the kittens are too cute!!!

    Great job on not gaining weight over the weekend :)