Whew I'm Tired

First off let me remind you all that I have started a Thursday link up. Stop on by with your crafts, recipes or anything else you've made and link it up.

This past week has flown by... which is why I am just now sharing with you what we have been up to. Friday night after the littles left we quickly got Amelia ready and headed over to the West Linn Theater for the first Nutcracker performance. Each family is asked to work a certain amount of hours on the production so I helped out backstage that night. The kids were so excited and they all looked absolutely adorable. Amelia had two parts in the performance; a mouse and a little flower.

I am so thankful for the wonderful family and friends who made it out to watch her perform. We truly are surrounded by amazing people.

I had to crack up when we were backstage. Amelia went up to one of her little ballerina friends and said 'look, we both have really crusty hair'... gotta love the mad amount of gel it takes to keep their hair in place. She was happy to take the bun out after the performances.
after the first performance
After the Saturday performance we went out to my sister Grace's house and had a little wreath party. My mom helped Amelia make her first ever swag. We had a great time.

So our Christmas tree... the first one we got was a total disaster. I will definitely post more on this once the new tree is decorated. We went out Sunday and bought another tree. Round two of tree shopping was a total success and I can't wait to share it with you. Sunday evening we ended up being in a parade. Each year the town of Molalla (where I grew up) has a three night canned food drive parade. The food drive is put on by the fire department and my future bro in-law organized the whole thing this year. We got to ride up in one of the fire engines with my sister, her fiance and Amelia's best friend (her dad works for the department). It was a total blast wishing all of the generous folks around town a 'Merry Christmas'. 

We headed home after the parade to put up our tree. It was a little taller than our ceilings so we had to take some off. Of course, since it's sort of a monster, the boys didn't want to haul it outside. They decided to fire up the chainsaw right in my living room and take care of the issue. Even with two runs of the chainsaw... Amelia still remained asleep on the couch. A clear indication that we have been so busy lately.

I'm quite certain I won't be able to slow down until after Christmas. I absolutely love this time of year! Even if it is a lot of work. I hope you are all enjoying the hustle and bustle that the holidays bring. 
Ashley Elizabeth