What Amelia Wore

When we found out we were having a girl, I knew I was in trouble. I love clothes and really there is nothing cuter than clothes for a little girl. Amelia probably has more clothes than she ever needs (or so I am told by overly opinionated people), but she gets a ton of wear out of what she has. When I talk to parents about how fast our little ones grow I often hear that their children are just blowing through clothing sizes, but we've never had that problem with Amelia. She can easily wear a size for two or more years so I don't feel bad spending a little more on her clothing. If I like it and it doesn't have some absurd price tag (such as the Burberry jumper I'm in love with) then I'm going to buy it. I enjoy finding ways to layer up her clothing so that she can wear cute warm weather outfits during the cooler temperatures. The shirt pictured below actually came with a matching cami underneath. I really love the look of the shirt and have been wanting to put her in it, but let's face it... 20 degrees is just too cold to be sporting that. I put her in fleece lined leggings, a long sleeved black t-shirt and then added the print shirt over it. Finishing off the look with some cute booties... she was both warm and fashionable. I guess the point I'm trying to make is to play around with your kid's clothing so they are able to get the most wear out of them. If you love a sleeveless dress... add a coordinating turtleneck. Really love a pair of shorts your kiddo has... throw some matching tights under them. Mix it up a bit.

over shirt - Nordstrom Rack (Summer 2013)
long sleeved tshirt - Old Navy
fleece lined leggings - H&M
booties - H&M
Ashley Elizabeth

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