Oh Christmas Tree

Let me start off by saying that finding a Christmas tree is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. I love bundling up and heading out with my family to cut down the perfect one. This year was no different, I was beyond excited to kick off the season with some lights and ornaments... let's just say that things didn't as I had hoped... and let me also mention that I'm kind of picky when it comes to trees. My sisters are just as picky... we blame our mom. After all, she always has spectacular trees.

It was a cold rainy day... I mean, full on rainy downpour. If you've ever spent time in Oregon you know that we get a lot of rain. We are used to this. We dress accordingly and head out in true Oregonian form... without an umbrella or a coat with a hood. We decided to go to a tree farm that we used to go to a few years back. They had the most beautiful trees. So we arrived, got out of our cars and immediately felt a bone chilling wind... Great, not only do we have to deal with rain, but wind as well. So we traipsed through the mud, my pink tennis shoes looking a little more brown than normal. It was so hard to see anything. My glasses were covered in rain droplets and when I tried to dry them (it was hard to find a dry spot of clothing to wipe them with) they fogged up. Awesome. Anyway, after quite a while of searching for the perfect tree... we found it. Yeah, it was a little taller than our house allowed but that is what a chainsaw is for. My sisters both found trees they liked as well.

The boys cut them down and we headed out after paying.

We went to another farm to get Amelia's tree. The other farm had smaller trees that were the perfect size for her.

There wasn't an inch of my outer clothing that was dry. We were definitely chilled to the bone. Since Mark and I don't own a truck or SUV, my sister and her fiance brought our tree to our house. I was so excited to get it set up. The farm had bailed them for us and when we finally cut the twine off... I wasn't thrilled. The tree that had looked so marvelous in the pouring down rain... SUCKED! My little sister Grace had set her tree up before coming over and her tree was worse! Chris and Grace decided to go and buy a new tree the next day (at the place where we got Amelia's tree), but I decided that we would make our tree work. So... it sat there for a few days. I attempted to put lights on it and noticed that not only was this tree ugly, but it was dying. Sitting in the recliner I could check the water level of our tree and even look through it and out the window on the other side.
Definitely NOT the shape or fullness I was hoping for
Just sittin' in my chair, checking the water level in the tree stand
See what I mean... it totally sucked. Mark and I both agreed that we needed a new tree. I'm quite certain that our tree wouldn't have survived until Christmas. We did cut it up and use the greens for wreaths so it wasn't a total bust.

So now we are at round two of tree hunting...
Bright and sunny day with a little snow on the ground. Totally gorgeous! We went to the tree farm where we got Amelia's tree. The hardest part of picking a tree this time was that they are all SO perfect. We walked back and forth until one in particular jumped out at us. It was the tree of my dreams. 

Okay, so here is the best part. Once the massive beast was in the house, the boys realized that it was too tall. It was going to be a pain to take it back outside, so they decided to trim the tree inside... with a chainsaw. 

Yep... Amelia was so exhausted from her Nutcracker performances that she slept through the whole thing... and they fired that baby up two separate times.

Here are a few pictures of our decorated tree.

So there ya have it... our journey to find the perfect tree. 
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Such a loving post ! you have such a beautiful tree my dear !! thanks for following my on GFC ! i am following you on GFC and on bloglovin . Please dear follow me on Bloglovin also :) xx

  2. Your tree looks GORGEOUS!

  3. Your tree looks so good!!! Mine looks like Charlie Brown next to that. haha

    1. Aww, thanks. I have to listen to my husband grumble non-stop about how many lights I put on our tree... but I think he secretly loves it :) I have had it on all day every day since it was finished.

  4. Glad you ended up with a perfect tree!! This will be a story to tell for years down the road. We had friends who went up into the mountains to cut down a tree and did it during blizzard like conditions. Their perfect tree didn't look so perfect when they got it home. The thing was a hot mess and a good laugh for all of us that year. You win some, you lose some. Enjoy that pretty tree!! Looks like your kitty is enjoying it too.