Our Christmas

This past week has been miserable, with the exception of our Christmas celebrations. As I write this I am wearing the same clothes I wore all day yesterday, my dirty hair is up in a messy bun and I'm still lounging on the couch... I'm a hot mess for sure! Really though, the worst possible time of year to get sick is Christmas time. I won't bore you with the details of my constant hacking, instead I will just sum it up for you in one word... HELL. With that being said, Christmas was still as magical as ever and we had an amazing time.

We spent Christmas Eve over at Mark's brother's house. He and his wife just bought a new home and it is quite beautiful. It was a fun relaxing evening spent chatting and watching the kids play. I've been watching our little nephew on Thursdays for quite a while, but he won't be coming over often now that they have moved further away. The kids get along really well so I was happy they got to hang out together.When we got home we set out cookies and milk for Santa and a carrot for his reindeer, and Amelia scurried to bed. We had been watching Santa on the Santa Tracker App and he was getting close so she wanted to be asleep before he got here. As soon as those little eyes closed Mark and I turned into crazy elves. Mark baked a cake and I started a sewing project. We stayed up until 3am sewing, baking and wrapping presents. Boy were we exhausted. We were spending Christmas at my Grandma's house, but Santa came to our house. Amelia was excited when she woke up.

She was helping Rudy open his Christmas present... mice toys
Amelia had quite an unusual Christmas list this year. Scooter, barn, Jasper kitty (an orange kitty like my sister's cat Jasper), a doctor kit and a clothes line. Yep, a clothes line. We woke up Christmas morning, got ready, packed up the car and headed over to my Grandma's house. The living room was of course packed full of gifts. My family LOVES giving gifts. This year a lot of gifts were handmade. We are quite the crafty bunch.

Amelia got all of the gifts on her list and then some. Our Christmas mornings take quite a while. We each take turns opening gifts. It's so exciting to watch everyone open their presents. We don't like to all do it at once. Amelia is such a polite little girl too. She never rips into gifts quickly, but slowly opens each present and then gets up and gives a big hug and a 'Thank You' to whomever the gift is from. I love it. 

I got some incredible gifts this year. My family once again went above and beyond. I do have one favorite gift though. My mom and sister Erica took Amelia to a pottery place where you can paint pieces and have them fired. Amelia made me an amazing tray and I still can't stop looking at it and smiling. I LOVE IT! Isn't it the most darling thing ever! It is on display in my china hutch. 

We usually do a Christmas craft of some sort; gingerbread houses or gingerbread men. This year I did as much as I could before laying down for a nap on the couch. Amelia's cookie was AWESOME though. 

So that was our Christmas. I spent most of the day avoiding my family so they wouldn't get sick. It really was a wonderful day even if I was feeling poorly.

How was your Christmas?

Do you have a favorite gift that you received?
Ashley Elizabeth

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  1. "Barn" hahaha... so stinkin' cute the things that little ones want. :)