A busy week and a naughty elf

Happy Friday Lovelies! I know I say this every week, but I truly cannot believe how fast time is going by. Amelia's Nutcracker performances are this weekend... WHAT? I feel like we just signed her up. Regardless, I am so incredibly excited to watch the show this year. Tonight I am working backstage helping with costume changes and with keeping the littles calm and I will watch the performance tomorrow. Mark is watching tonight and then will be an usher tomorrow. We have an awesome weekend planned. Here is a quick recap of our week.

 1. We went out and got our Christmas tree this past weekend. This is Amelia in front of her tree. I would totally share a picture of ours, but we are getting a new one this weekend. I will never again go Christmas tree hunting in the pouring rain when my glasses are fogging up. Let's just say... our tree wasn't as pretty, wasn't as full and wasn't as alive as I had thought. More on this when we actually get our new tree and have it decorated.

 2. I worked my buns off, with the help of my awesome husband, to get a ton of items made for a Christmas sale that I put my stuff in. The sale is this weekend and I can't wait to check it out. These are the un-paper towels I made for the sale.

 3. I emptied out my Dazzling By Ashley Etsy shop to put stuff in the sale so I made these little lovelies to restock. I'm hoping to get a lot more made this weekend so I can take my shop out of 'vacation mode' and start offering up more items.

 4. Amelia's rehearsal schedule this week was pretty hectic. She rehearsed on Monday and Wednesday and then had a full dress rehearsal last night. As busy as it makes us, I really love performance times.

5. Okay so I took this a couple of weeks ago, but in an effort to post something other than ballet pictures I thought I'd share it. Amelia was less than thrilled when I begged her to put this on... in fact she said it was 'quite a stupid thing'. She did humor her mama though long enough to snap a picture. I have to say, I've never even watched Duck Dynasty... I just thought this was ridiculous.

So our Elf Spirit returned to our home on Thanksgiving day, dangling down from the light fixture above our dinner table. Ever since he's been up to his usual crazy ways and we've had a lot of fun seeing what he is gonna do next.

Having a little cake and egg nog
 He wrote 'Don't forget to wash your hands' on the toilet paper

He brought Amelia a gift and is dancing with her ballerina nutcracker. Tonight is her first performance so she loved the Nutcracker book he gifted her. 

Robbing her bank
 Amelia loved this one. Her elf made himself a swing out of her panties. It was so cute. 

Well I hope you all have a great weekend! 
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. You always have the best naughty elf ideas!! I'm sure that Amelia loves seeing what trouble he gets himself into every night. Good luck with your Christmas Sale. I love the fruity fabric for your towels. Enjoy your Nutcracker filled weekend!!

  2. I love all the elf ideas! Robbing the piggy bank! Haha! Very creative

  3. I love your elf ideas! I can't wait until I have a house so I can go tree shopping! We've never had a real tree! That's so fun :)

  4. I love seeing everyone's Elf on the shelf ideas!!! I can't believe how creative you parents can be! :)