A silly little elf

Spirit our Elf has been back since Thanksgiving. We've had a lot of fun seeing what he has been up to. Amelia just loves waking up and looking for him. Here are a few of his latest silly tricks and naughty actions. You can see my other two Elf posts here and here

We started the week off with Spirit writing a little message to Amelia on the bathroom mirror... 
with MY lipstick! 

He and Barbie went on a super hot date. 

Just hanging out in our living room

A little TP on our tree

Spirit cleaned out one of our DVD drawers and made himself a bed. Poor elf was sick :(

puzzle time with friends

 he spent the day in our wreath

a car shoe race with friends

This has been my favorite Elf on the Shelf this year

(the seeds are green tic tacs)

We woke up the next morning to this... the seeds grew some mini candy canes

Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Your elf is so sneaky and creative!! I love the toilet papered tree and growing candy canes. I'm sure Amelia is at such a fun age for this. Can't wait to see more of his antics.

  2. Replies
    1. She said 'I bet these seeds grow a Christmas plant' and then the next morning when she saw the candy canes she said 'oh silly me... they grow candy canes because they are planted in sugar'. It was so cute.