Tis the Lenten Season

I know not everyone follows Lent, but being the Catholic that I am, I always participate. For Lent I decided to follow Weight Watchers and use it exactly how it is supposed to be used, but I've struggled a bit. I've been a member of WW for a couple of years, off and on, but I never track for more than a few days before I am done. For lent I promised I would track EVERYTHING I eat, and so far so good. Yesterday was not my best day, but I guess that is why they give you additional weekly PP (points plus). I tried the program a few years back, before they switched over to the new Points Plus version, and I didn't like that fruits and veggies counted toward your usage for the day. I found myself skipping those foods so that I could use the points for something a little less healthy bad. The new program allows you to eat all of the fruits and veggies that you want, for free! I don't eat a lot of fruit, but I notice that I really pig out on the veggies. My weight is definitely like a yo-yo, and even my Naturopath is in shock at how hard it is for me to lose, but last week I did have a 2.8 pound loss, which I was very proud of. Since Ash Wednesday was on February 13th, I lost that in less than a week (without exercise).

I'm hoping our lovely Oregon rain subsides a bit in the evenings this weekend so that I am able to get out and walk. I will suck it up and go regardless, but it is always better to walk in dry conditions.

What did you give up for lent, and how are you doing with it? Shoot me a comment and let me know!

Ashley Elizabeth

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