A visit from the best friend!

So the other night I sent a text to my best friend Molly letting her know that I desperately needed/wanted to talk to her, knowing full well that the three hour time difference between us probably meant she was sound asleep and unlikely to respond. Sometimes I just need to send her a text! I was hoping for a phone date in the near future but instead, to my surprise, I got a text back the following morning saying "you will be able to tell me the story in person when we hang out this week". Do you ever get a text that makes you squeal with excitement out loud when you read it??? That is what happens when I get a text from Molly saying that she wants to get together. I generally don't know Molly is heading home (Oregon) for a visit until she is already here. I think it is probably best since I get so excited and anxious to see her that any more than a couple of days notice and I'd probably go insane waiting for hang out time. Molly is that friend that you can go years without seeing and pick right up where you left off, as if you saw one another just the other day. We've known each other for most of our lives, went through First Communion and Confirmation together, were doubles partners in tennis and roommates at college... bestest friends! Let's just say, my date with her tonight was spectacular. I wish I could save up enough to go visit her. 
Our Halloween costumes that we wore on a day other than Halloween.

Other than the excitement of my friend's visit, I've just been hanging out at home... enjoying life! Amelia has been working so hard on her Preschool work, I've been babysitting more than the past couple of months and I think we are starting to get into a great rhythm. I have projects galore that I want to accomplish in the near future, but have a hard time getting things done during the week. Hopefully I make this weekend a productive one!

Ashley Elizabeth

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