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February 3rd my little family and I had pictures taken. We had only ever had one professional set of family photos taken and Amelia wasn't even a year old when they were done. Let me just warn you, this post is going to be filled with nothing but pure awesomeness! 

Kimberly Schiewe over at K Photography is amazing! I have known Kim for quite some time; we went to the same school growing up and she was only a grade behind me. Shortly after we moved into our current house we realized that we shared a fence with Kim, and our house butted up against her backyard. I've been eyeing Kim's work for a while now and decided to book a session with her to update our family photos. Her photos fit our style perfectly and she ended up shooting some timeless photos that I will cherish forever! I literally can't say enough about her talent! 

Kim's first shot of the day was this beauty. I have so much love for this photo; it makes my heart smile! The way she captured Amelia and her daddy was perfect. Everything about this photo is gorgeous. 

Amelia turns 4 this Tuesday and I wanted pictures that captured the little person she is. Kim had the brilliant idea of a giant balloon, and it definitely added the perfect touch to the photos of our girl. This photo is what childhood is all about; free, innocent and perfectly perfect. 

This photo puts the biggest smile on my face. Anytime Mark and I kiss, Amelia squeezes her way in and insists that we snuggle her between us and each kiss one of her cheeks while she giggles. Her face in this picture is awesome!

My beautiful little family and I... my everything!

I don't even know what to say about this other than Kim captured my little girl perfectly! I absolutely love this photo!


I'm usually the one taking photos of Amelia, and sometimes we try the whole take photos of ourselves thing, but this takes the cake! This is going on my wall and by my nightstand! 

These photos are just a snippet of what Kim got, and I can't wait to see the rest (which will probably be shared in another post). The outing with Kim was so great. She is such an energetic ball of fire and made the entire experience easy and fun. Kim knew that Amelia was slightly shy so she brought along her little man who is 3 years old. When they showed up at our door, her son Kellen was sporting the cutest outfit, complete with suspenders, and presented Amelia with a bouquet of Valentine's Day flowers. If you thought the above pictures were incredible, just keep scrolling. Holy Cuteness!!! 


Cutest EVER!

 I just can't stop looking at all of our photos! They are stunning!

If you are in the area and need family photos, I recommend Kim! I could keep going, but I will end this post with one word that describes Kim as a person and a photographer... INCREDIBLE!

Kim's blog can be found here

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