A little fridge revamp

Do you have one of those fridges? You know, the one covered in magnets that hold up this paper and that picture. Covered to the point where you aren't sure if you are looking at a fridge or a bulletin board... that was our fridge! Finally my frustration with the mess led me to do something about it, and the results are below. I can now say, my fridge is awesome!

So, all of the frames, with the exception of the large black frame, are from the dollar store. I spray painted them and applied magnets from Home Depot to the back. It looks so much cleaner than the magnet/papers everywhere mess it had become.

I made the calendar on Excel and we will use dry erase markers on it. Mark and I have a horrible time keeping track of what the other is doing, so this will be so helpful to us. 

 Amelia painted the two bottom left frames, too cute!

 This is a picture Amelia drew of our family the other day

 We chose a few of our favorite hand drawn pictures by Amelia

So there ya have it, our revamped fridge.
Ashley Elizabeth


  1. oh my goodness, that's such a great idea!! LOVE the frames!

    1. Thank you so much Mandy. I am trying to get my home in a more organized state now that I'm staying home with my daughter. When I worked I found it easy to just ignore the clutter, but now that I'm home I find myself turning into an organized crazy lady.

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