New Hair

So I got some new hair yesterday, and I love it! My sisters and I all use the same hairdresser and she is awesome! She puts up with my never ending changes and every time she does my hair, I love it. It is just a little darker than in the pictures. I used my phone for the pics and the lighting was bright.

 So I think I've decided on the outfits we are going to wear for our family pictures. I am excited and anxious about them. I do have to sew a skirt for Amelia though tomorrow because I couldn't find the exact look I wanted. Hopefully we are one stylin' family in the pics.

Today we cleaned house and hung out. My sister Erica surprised Amelia and I with Starbucks this morning, which was a wonderful treat. I've been trying to limit my Starbucks visits because they were becoming too regular and I'd rather put that money in a jar for Florida.

I've got several craft projects I need to work on for Amelia's birthday. I see some late nights in my future this next week. I can't wait for her parties. She is having a family party on Saturday and was begging me for a horse theme. I told her that wasn't possible... and she believed me, so she will be surprised when she sees it is just what she asked for. Sunday she is having her first friend party, which is going to be a ballerina tea party. I am so excited to post pictures of both.

I better hit the sheets! Tomorrow is a day filled with sewing and shopping. Good night all!

Ashley Elizabeth

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