My baby turns 4

Today is Amelia's 4th birthday! We spent the weekend celebrating and had a blast. On Saturday we had a family birthday party for her at our home. It was laid back and just all around fun.
The Birthday Girl
My girl and I
Amelia's pony cake

Sunday we had her first friend party, and it was a ballerina tea party theme. My mom and I made all of the girls tutus and set up a fun afternoon. 
 Waiting for her guests to arrive
 The Birthday Girl
 Tea party treats
 The decor! 
The little ladies

So I started a tradition last year of asking Amelia birthday questions. It was really funny to see how different her answers were this year from last. Example, last year she wanted to be Eeyore (from winnie the pooh) when she grew up, this year she wants to be a singer. I plan on making a scrap book and carrying on this tradition until she is 18. 

Ashley Elizabeth

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