Homeschool, Sunday school and a lazy afternoon

"Mama, thank you for teaching me things, I love to learn and you are my very best teacher"

I've decided to homeschool Amelia's preschool year and she is having a blast with it so far. I've gotten a negative comment here and there from people who think I'm somehow allowing my child to miss out on an important part of their development, but I take any opinion from non-parents with a grain of salt. My sisters and I never went to preschool, and we were never behind, in fact were ahead in several subjects. Personally, for my husband and I, we didn't feel it was necessary to send her. I'm a very involved stay at home mom who puts a lot of effort into teaching my child; finding one of those "teaching moments" in just about every situation. There are a lot of resources out there to help me, and Pinterest is an awesome tool. When Amelia turned to me the other day and said "Mama, thank you for teaching me things, I love to learn and you are my very best teacher" I knew I made the right choice when I left my job to spend every day with her. 

Children are like little sponges, they sop up every bit of information that we are willing to teach them. I get hundreds of questions each day from my girl "Mama, who made the colors in the sky?" "Mama, what is the sun?" "Why is the moon out when it is still daytime?" "Mama, why does Rudy purr?"

If I could give any piece of advice to a new parent, cherish every moment where you have an opportunity to teach your child... and write down all of their little questions and funny sayings. 

Today has been a beautiful sunny day, and I've spent a great portion of it cooped up in the recliner with a warm blanket. Amelia and I did go to to church this morning; she loves going to Sunday school. God probably rolled his eyes at me today when, during mass, I busted out my phone and took a picture of my child. It was too cute a shot to pass up. 
She was reading her little church books that my mom bought her. 

She loves books and is such a good girl in church

After church we headed to the store to grab a few items, and then headed home where we've been lounging about since. I do have some serious house cleaning and projects to get done prior to watching kids tomorrow, so I should hop off of here soon. It is just one of those days where I don't want to do anything. 
Ashley Elizabeth

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