High Five For Friday

Happy Friday All,
We've had a pretty good week. I babysat on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, got my hair done, made cookies with my girl and worked on some craft projects. This Sunday we have our family pictures and I'm a little nervous. I'm pretty self conscious these days and don't like getting my picture taken, but our photographer Kim is amazing and I'm sure the photos will turn out beautifully. I'm still trying to plan outfits but I hope to have that wrapped up tomorrow. Here is our week in review, linking up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk.

 1. Amelia and I made cookies and they were delicious! She was trying to smile and keep the cookies on the plate at the same time... silly little face.

2. Green smoothies made a comeback into my life this week! When I was working I had one of these almost every morning and they were wonderful, but since being home I've strayed away from them. I'm glad I'm back on the smoothie wagon. This one had spinach, carrots, banana, peaches, mango, chia seeds and protein powder. Tasty

3. Amelia rocked some pretty beautiful curly hair this week! I love her so much.

4. Amelia and I both had craft projects to work on this week. I had to complete my Christmas craft and she had some little projects to do. If you read my prior post around New Years, my mom and I made a deal with one another that we would complete at least one Christmas project per month. Since she will be receiving one of the crafts I made, I will not be posting it.

5. Today I had a hair appointment and went for a pretty drastic change. Here is a picture of me prior to my appointment. I will share with y'all tomorrow the final product! I have to say though, I LOVE IT!

Have a great Friday all!
Ashley Elizabeth

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