Where I Come From #3

Welcome to Where I Come From, my monthly link-up designed as a way for us bloggers to share with our readers a little bit about the places we call home. This can be the place you were born, the place you grew up, the place you live now or any place in between. I love reading posts that highlight the areas a blogger comes from. For me it's like taking a virtual vacation. The link up will be live for the rest of the month and I'll try including it in my Friday posts so that others can come back here to check it all out.

Where I Come From

Today I am going to take you to the Oregon Coast. Our beaches here aren't sweltering hot in the summer and we don't have palm trees, but we do have a beautiful coast. We get nice warm weather during the summer, and it is occasionally quite hot (for Oregon standards), but my favorite weather on the coast is when it is really stormy. I love staying in a room right on the beach and just snuggling up while the ocean and wind howls. It is quite breathtaking at times, and other times it is quite dreary with the rainy weather, but I really love our coast. 

Ashley Elizabeth


  1. We too love the Oregon Coast - its just amazing. It has such breathtaking views, and you are right the storms are my favorite thing. Nothing like sitting there watching and listening to them crash and boom! Not to mention the smell, its AMAZING!