High Five for Friday

Finally... a weekend where we have NO plans is almost here! I have been waiting for this. I have been on the go every weekend for months now and I'm looking forward to sleeping in and doing whatever I want. This week was pretty good. With the exception of Monday, it poured buckets here all week and looking ahead in the forecast... no dry weather in sight. Oh well, that just means I can get some things checked off of my indoor "to do" list. Here is a recap of our week.

I have been busy researching and making plans for our trip coming up this June. If you have any "must see" places please share them with me. We will be staying in Tampa (with family), Savannah, Charleston, DC, New York City, Portland Maine and Boston
Amelia once again loved her ice skating lesson. I can't believe how much she has improved in just three weeks. I'm glad she is doing ballet and ice skating... she just loves both so much.

We took advantage of the one sunny day and spent the afternoon at the park with Amelia and the littles I watch. It was beautiful out. 

I had a custom Etsy order of un-paper towels to work on this week. I hadn't done a cherry print set before and I just love how they turned out. So cute!

 Amelia and I spent some time playing house this week. Love having a daughter!!!

And how cute are these two... rubbing noses.
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Ashley Elizabeth


  1. Hope you have a great weekend!! Kitty Eskimo kisses are adorable :)

  2. The cat is just adorable. Glad you get to relax this weekend, wish I could!


  3. Any particular types of places/activities you'd like to do in NYC? I'm always happy to make some hometown recommendations!

  4. Great pics! I'm so envious of your travel plans. Sounds wonderful!