Friday Friday Friday!!!

Happy Friday! I was off today to take care of a family matter so it's a three day weekend for this girl. This afternoon Amelia and I had some free time so we went out and did a little shopping. I adopted a soldier (a blog post on this is in the works for next week) so we went out and shopped for him. My photography class final was due last weekend so I now have weekends free... which is awesome. I really enjoyed my class and learned so much. I got an incredibly nice email from my teacher and I'm still so excited with what she had to say... I mean, she said I'm an awesome photographer. Seriously... her email made my day! Super amazing compliments from such an incredible teacher. So, now I plan on continuing to learn and practice in hopes of one day making it a thing. It's been a long time coming. I took my first photography class (dark room development) in 2005 and knew back then I wanted to go beyond that. Anyway, here's a recap of our week. It was incredibly hectic in the daycare department this week. I will be glad when the nice weather sticks around and the munchkins and I get to spend the majority of our time outdoors.

 1. I went ahead a pre-ordered Frozen last month but didn't tell Amelia. She was so excited when it arrived on our doorstep Tuesday morning and I'm pretty sure we've watched it a hundred times since.
 2. This week Amelia became obsessed with my shoes. She walks all over the house wearing them.

3. Amelia and I had a fun day out this afternoon. We went to Barnes & Noble to get her a new book and then Target after. What would I do without her?

4. I've been getting more merchandise in for my online children's boutique that will be opening soon (hopefully in the next couple of months). I really want to start selling the items and getting the shop out there so people know about it. HELP... how should I go about doing this? I know a lot of people use Facebook and Instagram, but I'm not sure which direction to take with this until my website is fully developed. Any suggestions????? I want to just PayPal invoice so maybe I could set it up here on the blog? I'm at a loss at what I want to do so help a girl out :) 

5. I'm super excited that we've had some nice spring days here. And I'm also super excited I found some cute overalls for Amelia. The toddler ones are so baggy and usually end up too short. I found these as an XS in the girls department and they are just what I was looking for. Long and fitted. overalls: Gap, tshirt: Nordstrom, shoes: Nordstrom Rack.
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  1. Amelia in those shoes... too cute!!!! I'm excited to read your soldier post!

  2. Amelia's overalls are PERFECT!! She looks so cute in them and they look so stylish on her little self. I don't think I can get on board with the adult overalls I'm seeing everywhere but I just love them on little kids. :)