Colville, Washington

Well my life has certainly changed since the last time I posted; I am officially a stay at home mama!!! It is such a great feeling to know that my husband and I made this wonderful decision for our family. I've had my moments of panic, but Mark has been so supportive and encouraging of this change... after all, he is the one who really got me to believe we could do this. I am truly lucky to have that guy in my life!

Wednesday October 24th was my last day of work, meaning that Thursday was a day to sleep in and relax. When I put in my notice at work I had told my mom that I would visit her after I was done, so Amelia and I had plans to head up to Colville, WA on Friday. Our first day as a stay at home duo was filled with snuggles, grocery shopping, packing, making turkey chili and cornbread for a friend and thinking of all of the things we will be able to do now that we are home. Friday morning we headed out with my mom up to my parent's house. I took along my sewing machine, fabric and patterns to have her help me acquire some new skills. We had planned to come home the day before Halloween but we were having too much fun, so we decided to trick-or-treat up there. I made Amelia's costume with a little help from my mom, and I am so happy with how it turned out. She had wanted to be a spider for Halloween, but not a scary one, "just a cute little one". I tried my best to think of how I could glam up a spider costume, and it worked. While we were up in Colville we visited two pumpkin patches, stopped at a few stores, relaxed and had fun!
My girl and I at the first pumpkin patch

 Amelia and her Grandma Tami

 The first pumpkin patch we went to had horses... and Amelia is obsessed with horses!

We visited my parent's cabin

 It was a beautiful night to visit a pumpkin patch

 My happy girl


A picture from the second pumpkin patch we visited. It was raining pretty hard so we didn't stick around long

Now for the costume... I do plan on putting her in it tomorrow to get some better pics, but here is what we have. The first few houses we trick-or-treated Amelia needed help. By the time we had hit a few she was ready to do it all on her own, saying "I don't need help this time". I can't believe how fast my little one is growing up!

 Being a scary spider

 The headband I made for her

Cute little spider

Well I would love to post more but I am exhausted. It was a long 8 hours of driving today on 4 hours of sleep. I'm off to bed! 

Ashley Elizabeth