My Thankful Thirty - November 19, 2012

November 19th:
I was sitting here thinking about the holidays today, and how it isn't about what Santa brings me. Our holiday tradition usually begins with church on Christmas Eve. I always love going to church and looking at how beautifully decorated everything is, and the happiness on everyone's face. After mass we generally head home and wrap! I know, my family is usually up until the wee morning hours wrapping presents after Amelia goes to sleep(why we don't do it in advance is beyond me). When Christmas morning comes around my family and I are always more excited to give presents than to receive. We take turns opening presents and all watch with excitement to see what the other family member is getting. While our Christmas mornings might look overboard to some, it is not because we ask for a lot, but because we give a lot. I love this time of year, when I can take the time to really thing about a gift for my family members that they will cherish.  Whether it is store bought or home made, the appreciation on their faces makes the holidays magical. This year Amelia has created a Christmas list, which is a first for her. Her first Christmas she was too little to know what she wanted, her second Christmas all she wanted was a stuff puppy, and last year it was a stuffed kitty... no long list and nothing too extravagant. This year, well let's just say it is a little different. It started a few months back when she informed me she was going to get an iPod for Christmas so that she could listen to Lady Gaga whenever she wants, then a few weeks later she needed this castle that she loves... Saturday, well Saturday she said she was going to get a phone or a computer of her own so that she can play games... and then she followed that with "and I am gonna get it because it is on my Christmas list". She didn't say it in a rude/spoiled fashion, just in conversation... but still, she has put quite a few things on this "list". I want her to learn that giving is as great a gift as giving, so her and I are going to get a tag off of the giving tree at church and go out and buy a present for a little kid who might not have as much. Today I am thankful that I was brought up by parents who taught me that Christmas is more than just presents, Santa and how much stuff I get. It is about spending time with the ones we love, giving to others and making memories. After all, Santa didn't even exist when Jesus was born!

 Amelia's 2nd Christmas

 My Grandma Grace, Amelia and My Grandpa Richard
This was our last Christmas with Grandpa

Ashley Elizabeth

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