My Thankful Thirty - November 6, 2012

November 6th:
Today, on election day, I am so very thankful for my right to vote!

Now on to my day...

Today was my first real day at home with Amelia. My last day working was October 24th but I have been busy or out of town every day since. We woke up early today and played around for a while. I made a really great lunch for myself, and then put lunch in the fridge for Mark to have when he got home from work. Amelia seemed a little tired so I lit a pumpkin candle, grabbed a book and decided she should snuggle on my lap for her nap. I was able to read about 6 chapters before Mark got home, then I had him take her upstairs to finish out her nap.
My tasty lunch: salad with oranges, wonton noodles and Asian chicken salad dressing, chicken breast and cottage cheese with oranges. 

I ran some errands by myself this afternoon and then headed home to make dinner. I decided on cube steak and brussel sprouts. It turned out to be pretty good. I am hopeful that my eating and weight will both improve now that I am home.

Tomorrow I plan on finishing a sewing project with my Mom and then cleaning house. I am searching for a healthy new recipe for dinner tomorrow... and maybe lunch as well.

Well Happy election night to all of my fellow US Citizens!

Ashley Elizabeth

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