Sew Awesome!

I've had my sewing machine for about two years now but have yet to do a lot with it. I'm scared to just venture out on my own and attempt something since I haven't done anything on a sewing machine since that one time in high school when I made a skirt. My mom has helped me a few times and I did make a dress for Amelia, mostly by myself, in February for Valentine's Day... but this was my first 100% solo project.

I have fabric and patterns galore. I guess you could say I have an addiction to the idea of sewing and know I will love it once I master it, so I pick up things all the time when they are on sale. I really wanted to make Amelia something festive for Halloween. She has a jumper that my mom made her for Thanksgiving last year and it still fits, but I wanted something Halloweenish. I found the fabric and set out to pick a pattern. I decided on an easy skirt. I had cut out the actual pattern about two weeks ago but had hoped my mom would be in town to help me. Since Halloween is just around the corner I decided last night that I better get going on it. I'm not one to half ass something, I like my projects to be near perfect, which is why it has taken me so long to just go for it on my own. I must say, I am beyond excited with my first fully solo sewing project. Now on to picture overload...

 I made her a little flower pin for her plain turtleneck out of the same fabric.

Now I believe I am more confident to tackle some other patterns. Tomorrow I am on a furlough before finishing my final two days at the office Tuesday and Wednesday. I head up to my parent's house Friday morning and my sewing machine is heading up with Amelia and I. I'm looking forward to what the future holds.
Ashley Elizabeth

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